Fixed some bugs

First of all, I would like to apologize for the wandering napoleon in one of the last scenes. Oh my god how embarrassing. I've reuploaded the demo to in hopes that this time around all the bugs are taken care of. Some of the bugs were a little embarrassing that I didn't catch them, but hopefully it's all good now! It's available for re-download.

On a different note: I'm not sure this will be funded, which is okay! I will try on kickstarter again another time. I went into this with NO following -- Maybe just me and a handful of friends -- and I was so pleasantly surprised that people actually became interested. I think I'll take more time to gain a proper following before posting this to kickstarter again, but I wanted to thank all the people who actually took the time to check this out and donate some money. It really meant and means the world to me and has kept me moving and working hard to make this a reality.

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